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Agia Anna Naxos Island

agia anna naxos island

agia anna naxos hotels

The Beach


Santa Anna Naxos Island

Swim through pale liquid sapphire. Bask on a beach of sand so white you’ll think warm breezes blowing through the Temple of Apollo have scattered marble dust along the shore. You have come to Santa Anna beach on the Greek Island of Naxos! Agia Anna, as it’s called in Greece, spreads its cloak of white to greet the gentle kisses of the Aegean Sea. You too are greeted and embraced.


Plan your trip

When planning your holidays this year, Santa Anna beach on Naxos Island must top your list of idyllic island beaches! You will believe you have found paradise when you arrive at Santa Anna beach in a small Greek fishing boat called a caique.

Fishing Port

Saint Nicolaos Church


While there, you will snorkel in the beach’s crystal clear shallow waters, and relax on the sandy seaside in a lounge chair under the turquoise Aegean sky. You will see the boats from the nearby fishing village dot the water. When night falls, you will dine on fresh fish in one of the local restaurants, and dance into the night at one of the nightclubs on Santa Anna beach.

Come to Santa Anna beach on the Greek island of Naxos and leave with memories of mythic proportion!